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Matchless Fire Set

NSN 4220-99-721-1870


Manufactured in the United Kingdom specifically for Royal Air Force survival kits, these Matchless Fire Sets are Military approved items and come packed in a handy metal tin. Included in the kit are solid fuel blocks, cotton wool tinder, a tampon also used as tinder and a flint and steel striker. These kits are also carried by Army troops who value its compact size and the ability to use it to get a fire started super quickly.

These are not the smaller and less effective plastic boxed items that are sometimes available - these are genuine Military grade items issued for Survival and Escape and Evasion purposes.

With a little preparation, the contents of this kit will help you produce a fire first time and keep it going. The flint and steel included produces an extremely hot shower of sparks to light the tinder and fuel blocks. Locally gathered fuel can added to sustain the fire. This kit is waterproof, small and lightweight but will help you to light many fires when you most need them.

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