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Soldier Waterproof Notebook Kit


The Soldier Waterproof Notebook Kit comes complete with an Aquascribe notebook, small standard 80 leaf notebook with elastic closure, ballpoint pen, waterproof glassochrom pencil and standard eraser topped pencil. The cover itself features an all round zip, clear name pocket, rear zipped pocket, wipe clean note board, four clear reference pockets, three internal pockets and six pen holder slots.

This kit makes a great choice for the soldier wanting to keep their notes protected and duty rosters at hand. The wipe clean board allows notes, navigation bearings etc to be written and read easily by moonlight. The clear pockets will hold photos, reference cards and sketch maps securely and easily accessible.

The DPM and Multi Terrain Camouflage versions are manufactured using Military waterproof fabric whilst the Olive Green and Black versions use a commercial fabric.

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*Rite in The Rain notebook not included.