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Load Carriage


Karrimor SF Sabre Combat Vest

$269.99 - $299.99

Overcoming limitations of current load carriage equipment, the Sabre Combat Vest (SCV) offers a versatile and highly robust solution. The SCV combines the load bearing capability of a fixed system with the versatility of a modular approach. All pouches, both fixed and modular are designed to allow different items of equipment to be carried depending on role, mission and user preferences. The SCV is designed to carry the maximum amount of equipment whilst also being secure when less heavily loaded.

The Waistcoat harness is constructed from 40mm webbing, Heavy Duty Mesh and KS100E, a 1000 denier Nylon fabric that is coated with a silicone/PU elastomer for improved wear strength and flex resistance. Finished with a silicone durable water repellent (DWR) that improves the water resistance of the fabric. These construction materials and the method of construction ensure a stable waistcoat whether fully or partially loaded.

Size adjustable for use with or without body armour, the SCV offers outstanding ammunition carry capacity with the four fixed 3 x 30rd 5.56mm magazine pouches and twin OMNI pouches, each capable of carrying 8 x 30 rd 5.56mm magazines, or even belted ammunition. All pouches have side release buckles and Hook & Loop backup attachment with optional silencing strips.

The top of the vest offers the capacity to arrange the modular pouches to suit the operator, the rear of the vest accepts the Tactical Hydration System and the bottom of the vest has attachment points for drop leg holsters, dump pouches or respirator carriers. The Sabre Combat Vest offers the flexibility to custom the load carriage to suit your operational requirements.

Available in Olive Green, British Desert or Woodland DPM and MULTICAM from stock - please contact us at

  • 4 x Magazine Pouches (3 x 30rd M4/C7/SA80 Magazines)
  • 2 x 40mm Grenade / Flashbang pockets
  • 2 x OMNI Pouches with removable dividers (2 x 100rd or 1 x 200rd M249/C9/Minimi boxes, or 8 x 30rd M4/C7/SA80 Magazines)
  • 3 x Modular HE Grenade Pouches
  • 2 x Modular Smoke Grenade / First Aid Dressing Pouches
  • 1 x Personal Role Radio Pouch with GPS / Battery pocket
  • 2 x zip closing document / map pockets
  • Internal pistol holster with magazine pouches
  • Internal pocket with tie point
  • Tactical Hydration System Compatible
  • Drop leg pouches / holsters compatible
  • PLCE side pocket compatible
  • Rear "Man Down" grab handles

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