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UK DPM 40mm Bandolier

NSN 1305-99-371-1332

NSN 1310-99-246-1848


This Bandolier is designed to carry 40mm Grenades for the 40mm Heckler & Koch Grenade Launcher used by British troops and fitted to their L85A3 rifles. It holds both long and short rounds meaning that both 40mm Illumination as well as 37mm Tear Gas rounds can be carried in addition to various HE grenades.

These bandoliers feature fully adjustable waist and neck straps with ITW NEXUS side release buckles. Buckles may be black or olive coloured. The bandolier can be worn on the front of the body where ammunition is instantly available or slung over one shoulder. Either way, it can quickly be removed to pass ammunition to another grenadier or simply to refill.

Manufactured from genuine 1000 Denier Infra Red Reflectant cordura material in British DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) and heavy duty olive green waterproof lining. Each grenade pocket can be secured by using one of two press stud fasteners with additional Hook & Loop closures. Pocket closures lift the grenade slightly out of the pocket to aid retrieval of the round from the bandolier.

The bandolier holds eleven rounds - a complete box of 12 with "one up the spout".

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