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Boker V-42 Knife


The V-42 Knife was designed specifically for the First Special Service Force of World War Two, "The Devils Brigade". This Joint Canadian / American unit was formed to take the fight behind enemy lines and skills in hand to hand combat were required of all who served with the FSSF. The V-42 is featured still in the official badges of the Canadian Special Operations Command and the US Special Forces.

The handle of compressed leather discs ends in a pointed impact cap. Thick leather padding underneath the slightly curved handguard offers protection from injury. The double-edged blade of the dagger features a corrugated thumb rest for a secure grip. Blade length: 7" Overall length: 12" Weight: 7oz

This Boker Plus V-42 comes with the standard issue drop leg leather sheath - designed to allow access to the knife when worn with a cold weather parka. This collectors grade item also comes with a replica of the cloth insignia of the unit - a red spearhead, and also with a reproduction of an original FSSF "calling card" with the phrase "The worst is yet to come!" in German. These were left conspicuously behind enemy lines in order to demoralize the enemy.

Please note that the V-42 is currently on backorder with new stock expected in AUGUST. Orders can be placed and will be be shipped when the new stock arrives.

Boker V-42 Knife - $149.99
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