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100% Cotton Shemagh


This always popular garment is traditionally worn by desert dwellers who prize its ability to keep sun, wind and sand off them. These head scarves have been used for many years now by soldiers and travellers the world over. They have also become a popular urban fashion statement.

Worn regularly by soldiers and civilains in the Middle East and acround the globe, the Shemagh is a versatile piece of clothing that can also be used as a pillow, field towel, sweat rag, triangular bandage and for many other applications. Made of 100% cotton and measuring approximately 44" square, these scarves help keep you cool in the summer but warm in the winter.

Our Shemaghs are available in the following colours, and shown below in order Sand/Black, Tan/Black, Blue Gray/Black, Red/Black, plain Desert Tan, Olive/Black, and Foliage Green/Tan

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