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100% Cotton Face Veil


Issued to British troops since WW2, the Face Veil is useful as a comfortable scarf, sweat rag, Shemagh style head wrap in warm weather and most importantly, to break up the distinctive outline of head and shoulders, hence its common use by snipers. The veils were often cut into strips and attached helmet nets or Ghillie Suits as they are excellent at creating a softened outline for better concealment.

Made of 100% cotton and measuring approximately 44" square, these Face Veils are also extremely useful to cover observation apertures in Observation Posts - virtually eliminating highly visible contained shadow. They can also be used to effectively conceal the objective lens of weapon sights and binoculars, allowing the optics to still be used but without the tell-tale shine of light reflecting off glass.

Available in Black, Coyote Brown or Olive Green

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