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Stainless Steel Mess Kit


Generations of US Soldiers have eaten their meals from this style of Mess Kit. Originally called "Meat Cans" by the US Military, this particular style of kit has been in service since the 1940's. Through Korea and Vietnam, Grenada and Iraq, countless GI's have consumed their "Chow", hot or cold out of these cans.

Our brand new Mess Kits are faithful copies of the originals, made of Stainless Steel for strength and ease of cleaning, the two piece design allows for cooking with the kit over a stove or open fire or merely using it to eat from. The twin compartment lid can hold two seperate food items, whilst the larger pan may be used as a frying pan or to hold larger portions of food. When empty, the kit can be closed up and used to carry small packaged food items or condiments as well as eating utensils. A clip on the lid allows it to be hung onto the handle enabling the entire mess kit to be dunked in hot soapy water or even into a convenient river to clean.

A simple design plus the use of quality stainless steel means that this Mess Kit is not only economical but sturdy and should last for many years. Great for "back yard expeditions" or longer treks in the great outdoors.

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