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British Military Camouflage Nets

NSN 1080-99-978-8771

NSN 1080-99-132-1198


The British designed Mk.7 Camouflage Net is part of the new generation of concealment sets issued to high value equipment and vehicles. Stronger and less likely to snag on equipment and break than the older Mk.5 nets, these have a greater coverage of polyurethane coated camouflage garnish and have improved concealment properties in both the visual and infra red bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. These nets do not normally require the addition of natural foliage to be effective.

These nets are 4.5metres x 4.5metres in size - almost 15 feet square. The base mesh is constructed from strong nylon, woven into 75mm x 75mm squares and has Dutch Lacing along 2 sides so nets can be laced together to camouflage larger equipment or structures. The woodland nets have an approximate 75% nylon garnish coverage with 2/3 being green and 1/3 brown. This percentage of cover is designed to allow shadows to form underneath the net, thereby aiding the obscuration of items and avoiding the obvious appearance of a camouflage net.

These nets are reversible so a 1/3 green and 2/3 brown colouring can be acheived with the same net by simply using it mesh side up. Arctic nets are 100% garnished with white nylon camouflage garnish. The nets are unissued, unused and are still in their stores wrapping. These are extremely effective and are useful for soldiers or law enforcement officers as well as hunters and other outdoorsmen.

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